Is your agent a Broker?

Did you know that not all licensed real estate agents are Brokers. A Broker is licensed as such by the State of Hawaii. All other real estate licensees are called real estate salespeople.

It is quite common to hear references to all real estate agents as Brokers. The truth of the matter is that the status of carrying the title of Broker is an earned privilege. In Hawaii only about one third of all real estate licenses will be Brokers.

Why? Because it is much more difficult to get a Broker’s license. To become a licensed real estate Broker, it requires a higher level of experience with strict professional standards. These standards are established and regulated by the Hawaii Real Estate Commission. Full-time experience, a minimum of 10 different transactions, and passing a certified course are just some of the prerequisites required just to be allowed to take the Broker’s license exam. Then you must pass the real estate Broker’s license exam, which is very intense. Of the hundreds of agents that take the state Broker’s exam usually only around 30-35% will pass the exam. Needless to say, some real estate licensees will never be Brokers.

In conclusion, to display the Broker symbol as a designation serves notice to the public that the agent follows a prescribed set of ethics and business standards. Since it doesn’t cost the Buyer or Seller any more to work with a broker, why not take advantage of experience and expertise this professional can provide!